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Fire Protection


Fire protection in high-risk industrial processes:
The lumber (panels, pellets, furniture), offshore, oil and paper industries.


• Unique fire-protection system.
• Detects and neutralizes any fire source in less than 300 milliseconds.
• Prevents the ignition and explosion of small powder particles
in different types of industrial processes.
• Infrared system for the detection of heat-emitting objects.



All materials manipulated as powder particles may explode.  Unfortunately, that occurs quite frequently.
In the lumber and paper industry, for instance, this is a well-known hazard, and requires the installation of preventive systems.

An explosion deriving from materials in powder form occurs when:
• humidity is at low levels;
• the particles are of a certain specific size;
• the powder accumulates to a certain critical volume.
This scenario, combined with an ignition source (a flame, electrical sparks, embers or hot particles coming from mechanical friction – from fans, sanders, polishing machines, etc.), is enough to provoke an explosion.

The ignition temperature is much lower that one might imagine. Nearly all organic materials in powder form are flammable at temperatures even lower than 500º Celsius (for example, a cloud of sawdust catches fire at 470º C)

Tzuriel, as the exclusive Fyrefly representative, offers ultramodern protection systems that can detect any ignition source within a timeframe of less than 300 milliseconds.



In industrial plants handling lumber, paste, paper, tobacco, food and solid fuels.



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