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Coffee/Tea sachets

DYNAPORE® Glatfelter paper are primarily made from very long natural fibers which, combined with small amounts of synthetic fibers, guarantee their special high-quality characteristics.

Today, all varieties of paper are made from chloride-free fibers, as well as from wood fibers that are oxygen-bleached, which makes them environment-friendly. In addition, these papers are officially certified as compostible.

DYNAPORE® Glatfelter papers are known for their light weight (8 to 40 g/m²), combined with low permeability to air and high resistance to tearing. This guarantees the fundamental quality that your final product requires - flavor and aroma.

Schoeller & Hoesch papers permit multiple combinations to suit the requirements of your company:

• Double layer
• Single layer
• Sewn up
• Stapled
• All shapes
• Plain
• Perforated
• Personalized with logo, or plain

Filters for coffee or tea
Domestic or industrial use


• Adaptable to different types of packaging machines
• Over 30 years' experience in technological know-how
• Inclined-thread machine - the largest and most advanced in the world
• Excellent retention of the tea particles
• Does not alter flavor
• Allows total infusion
• Made from a combination of long natural fibers and
small amounts of synthetic fibers
• All the types of paper are manufactured from chloride-free fibers

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