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Imprex Core Stock is a resin-treated core material for high-pressure laminates used in various decorative and industrial applications. In its manufacture, Absorbex kraft paper is treated with thermosetting resins. Therefore, Imprex Core Stock is a converted form of Absorbex and is used in similar end uses to Absorbex.

Imprex Surface Films are phenolic resin treated products designed for wood-based panels used in concrete shuttering and in the transport and construction industries and for overlaying of both hardwood and softwood based panels such as plywood, particle board, fibreboard, blockboard and OSB. In addition to Imprex Surface Films, the product range includes Imprex Glue Film developed for gluing the veneers together, for example, in furniture manufacture, and Imprex Painting Film used as a painting base on wooden panels.

The latest development in weatherproof overlays is Imprex Novox, a non-phenolic, special thermosetting and flexible product that tolerates tough weather conditions well, especially UV light. Imprex Novox is used for wood-based floor and wall panels, for digitally printable panels and furniture surfaces.

Imprex products are produced both in Finland and Malaysia.

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