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Foreign-trade consulting

Customs clearance
• Siscomex
• Registration of DI, LI, RE and DDE
• Customs transit (DTA)
• Drawback
• EX tariffs
• Clearance with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health,
• Letter-of-credit analysis

Studies on economic viability
• Import/export
• Tax rating

Logistics assessment and follow-up
• International freight
• Import & Export (via air, sea, road, railroad)
• Clearance of merchandise at ports, airports and border customs
• Door-to-door services
• Customs clearance
• Pickup at Incoterms EXWorks
• International insurance
• Embarkation reservations
• Customer service (follow-up)
• Embarkation-confirmation alert

• Direct, against order, by purchase agreement  
• Scope of operations:
Trade, import, export; commercial representation of machines, parts, equipment,
raw materials and its derivatives targeted at different industrial areas: foods, lumber, furniture, chemicals, paints, petrochemicals, plastics, textiles, automobiles; also, aluminum, paper, printing, special waxes, dyes, electronic safety  equipment, parts and accessories for bicycles; canned foods of vegetable and animal origin.

National and international legal assistance
• Maritime law
• Customs law
• International contracts
• Due diligence

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